Portfolio: Graphic Design

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Note: This section features a selection of graphic design projects of a wide variety of types. While I specialize in scientific education through visual design, I enjoy typography and general graphic design, and will also take on selected projects in other categories from time to time.

Logo Design

  • Logo Design: Research Lab
  • Logo Design: Opthamology
  • Logo Design: HP Publishing

Posters, Banners & Ads

  • Summer camp advertisment postcard design
  • Banner design
  • Logo Design

Infographics and Informational Design

  • Mammogram

Brochures & Packaging

  • Bandaid box design
  • Bandaid box design
  • Neurosci Brochure 1
  • Neurosci Brochure 2
  • Brochure cover design
  • Brochure cover design

Web Design/Other