Services Offered

Compelling and creative communication of complex biomedical topics - illustrations for education, advertising, or publication

Cari Jones Scientific Visuals offers a range of illustration, graphic design, and animation services.  

  • Illustration - Medical & Scientific:
    • Academic: for use in lectures, poster presentations, journals, class materials, or websites intended for teaching purposes.
    • Books: for use in surgical, anatomic, pathologic, or biologic textbooks/atlases, or consumer books such as health reference or medical guides geared towards the general public.
    • Medical Advertising: for use in the promotion of a drug, medical device, or medical service in a printed advertising campaign and related marketing material
    • Editorial: illustrations supplementing a written article in professional or consumer journals, magazines, or newspapers
    • Medical Legal: for use as demonstrative evidence to support expert testimony in malpractice, personal injury, and product liability litigation
    • Field guide: illustrations depicting scientifically accurate images of biological specimens to accompany field guide species descriptions

  • Graphic Design:
    • Logo design
    • Scientific/academic poster layout
    • Data graphs, charts, or tables
    • Infographics

  • Animation: Short (1-2 min) 2D or 3D educational science animations

  • Image Editing & Polishing: basic enhancement of photographs, medical or scientific images; color addition to B&W images

I'm always open to discussing new projects. For more information about how we can work together to solve your particular visual challenge, check out the Client Guide/FAQ page.

For project requests, questions about availability, or to discuss a project type not listed above, please visit the contact page and fill out a project inquiry form, or send me an email at