Cari Jones
Medical & Scientific Illustrator/Animator
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2016 NSF Vizzies Competition Finalist

2014 Vesalius Trust Research Grant Recipient

2014 Tom Jones Awardee

2014 AMI Student Animation Award of Merit Awardee

2014 UIC Image of Research Contest Finalist

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About the Artist

     My name is Cari Jones. I am a visually-oriented biology lover from Colorado with a passion for science education through art. With a B.A. in Biology from Carleton College (2010) and an M.S. in Biomedical Visualization from UIC (2014), I am a professional medical & scientific illustrator, and a part of a wider community that is committed to helping scientists, science educators, and doctors share the value of their work through the use of accurate and educational images.

     I have both the scientific and medical knowledge as well as the artistic and visual communications skills required to bring you clear, professional, compelling and accurate images which will capture your viewer's attention while at the same time communicate your scientific message quickly and effectively. I research each new topic carefully and work individually with each client to ensure a high degree of accuracy in the information presented in each piece.

About the Company

     Cari Jones Scientific Visuals, founded in 2014, is a biocommunications company dedicated to the production of professional, compelling, and accurate high-quality scientific images that serve to translate the exciting stories that come out of the biological and medical sciences into a language that is accessible and approachable to a wide variety of audiences. Whether you are a scientific researcher needing PowerPoint presentation graphics, a doctor with a complex procedure to communicate to a patient or colleague, or a science educator looking for more effective teaching tools, Cari Jones Scientific Visuals has an image for you.

     Please visit my Services Offered page for more information about how I can help you tell your particular scientific story.

Also please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me with any additional questions you may have on what I do or how my visuals can help communicate your message.